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Emerson Paramount Theatre


October 1 @ 2:30PM

  • La Piñata

    Directed by Verónica Ramírez
    Lorena is a seven-year-old girl who wants to win the piñatas school contest, where the grand prize is “a bicycle.” But her young age and inexperience will create a very special piñata.

    Narrative, 13:21, Mexico, 2020

  • Vivir Toda la Vida (Living All of Life)

    Directed by Marlén Ríos-Farjat
    After a lifetime together, Susana has been abandoned by her husband. She is in denial and holds on to the past. One day, she needs the help of her neighbor, Gloria, a free-spirited woman who Susana can’t stand. But the friendship that emerges between them arises in Susana the desire to live in the present.

    Narrative, 27:00, Mexico, 2022

  • Saborrrr!

    Directed by Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz
    A Puerto Rican actor lands her big break on a heavily exploitative ad role. Will she be able to escape this ludicrous nightmare of a set?

    Narrative, 16:43, USA, 2022

  • Fonos

    Directed by Gabriela Badillo Sánchez
    Amidst the loss of her grandfather, Cloe blocks out her feelings and all sound from her world until an encounter awakens a memory in her that forces Cloe to confront her emotions.

    Animation, 9:00, Mexico, 2021

  • In Tow

    Directed by Sharon Arteaga
    A self-involved teen and her overworked single mom confront their differences as their mobile home is towed away… with them inside of it!

    Narrative, 20:49, USA, 2022

Q&A with filmmakers in attendance.

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