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Emerson Paramount Theatre


September 30 @ 2:30PM

  • Entre Mudos y Estatuas

    Directed by Rayell Abad Guangorena

    Narrative, 15:36, Mexico, 2021

    Located in Marseille, France. Cristina, a Jewish mother of Mexican origin, must face the Nazi occupation of 1940. After the deportation to a concentration camp of her husband, Cristina and her daughter, Ivana, are taken to a safe house where they wait to be evacuated from Europe to return to Mexico. It will be in the confinement where both experience a unique connection.

  • Lili
    Directed by Brian Ríos
    Narrative, 15:00, Puerto Rico, 2022
    A father and daughter must cross the border in order to find a better life, but the daughter cannot speak.

  • Transtierro

    Directed by Susanna Arrazola

    Animation, 8:43, Mexico, 2021

    Irene lives locked up in her memories. Exile and loneliness plunge her into a state of melancholic inactivity; only through a frontal look at the past she will be able to find peace.

  • The Fourth

    Directed by Johnny Kirk

    Narrative, 11:45, USA, 2022

    Eager to celebrate the 4th of July, a group of young black and Latino friends experience a police encounter that shatters the meaning of the holiday.

  • Ñaños

    Directed by Emilio Subía

    Narrative, 15:00, Ecuador, 2021

    In the heart of Corona, Queens, two Ecuadorian siblings are placed at odds with each other when one reveals a sudden urge to leave their home.

  • Tomb of the Sea

    Directed by Andrew Garcia

    Narrative, 12:08, USA/Cuba, 2023

    In the wake of Fidel Castro's death in 2016, Rosa struggles to cope with her trauma as a Cuban immigrant and single parent in Miami.


Q&A with filmmakers in attendance.

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